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The Wedding Unplanner 2020 Hindi Dubbed 720p 480p WEB-DL

The Wedding Unplanner 2020 Hindi Dubbed | 720p | 480p | WEB-DL | 300MB | Full Movie Download

The Wedding Unplanner 2020 Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download

Title: The Wedding Unplanner 2020 Hindi
IMDB Ratings: 7.1/10
Release date : February 14, 2020 (Spain)
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Release date : November 18, 2022 (India)
Languages: Hindi
Director: Dani de la Orden
Writers: Eric Navarro, Olatz Arroyo, Marta Sánchez
Stars : Belén Cuesta, Álex García, Silvia Alonso
Movie Quality: 720p 480p WEB-DL


The Wedding Unplanner 2020 Hindi Dubbed 720p 480p Full Movie Download


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Movie Plot: 2019, City of Madrid (Madrid, center to Spain and country’s capital). Marina is a woman unable to believe in love after her father was unfaithful to her mother Lourdes when she was a child, but who works as successful wedding planner in her own company with her close friend Irene and the own Lourdes as employee. In their last job Marina meets by chance Carlos, one of the invited. Having a drink together, between the two lights the flame and they make sex in the idea that they not will meet again. When at the next day Carlos’ girlfriend Alexia finds Marina’s calling card in his t-shirt, Carlos is unable to say her the truth, lying Alexia to make her believe that he wants to marry. But when Carlos and Alexia meet Marina, he learns that Alexia and Marina are former school classmates and that Marina suffered bullying from Alexia. After in the wedding where Marina met Carlos a drunken Lourdes caused an accident where the bride fell and crashed against a bank of the church turning it in an Internet video viral and it menaces to ruin Marina’s company, Irene forces her to accept the new assignment, moving they three to Tenerife (Canary Islands, west to Africa) to meet hotel entrepreneur Arturo, Alexia’s father. However, troubles appear by everywhere: Arturo despises Carlos not considering good enough for Alexia, while Carlos, who has an architecture studio with his best friend Ben, tries to convince his future father-in-law to work as hotel designer for him; at the same time, Marina revenges Alexia with a disastrous voyage by sea and later with a bottle cork, damaging her teeth. With Marina returning temporally Madrid to repair it, Marina and Carlos feel attracted each other, knowing that it put in danger their jobs. While Carlos doubts about between Marina and Alexia, this last one returns Tenerife with Ben, looking for sure the contract and that Carlos doesn’t reveal Alexia the truth. According lies and deceives accumulate and the wedding comes, Carlos feels each time more trapped by the circumstances, making sure that the wedding day be unforgettable.

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